Skills: Email Marketing Automation (using HighLevel), Lead Nurturing, strategy, copywriting.

Modality: Remote.

Challenge: The challenge was to design and implement an effective lead nurturing strategy that could generate appointments with potential clients in two different scenarios: leads captured through Facebook ads and leads captured through forms on the website or social media. The goal was to ensure that the leads were engaged and moved through the funnel to a point where they were ready to schedule an appointment.

Solution: To address this challenge, I developed a comprehensive lead nurturing strategy that leveraged email, SMS, and WhatsApp automation. The strategy was designed to provide valuable and relevant content to the leads at every stage of their journey, with the ultimate goal of building trust and establishing a relationship with the brand. I used advanced segmentation techniques to ensure that each lead received personalized content based on their pipeline stage.

Results: The lead nurturing strategy was a great success, generating a significant increase in appointment bookings for both scenarios. The email open rates and click-through rates were above industry averages, indicating that the content we provided was both relevant and engaging. The use of SMS and WhatsApp messages also proved to be highly effective, with many leads responding positively to these channels. Overall, the lead nurturing strategy helped to build a strong relationship between the leads and the brand, resulting in a significant increase in conversion rates.

Pablo Vargas - Google Tag Manager