Skills: Email Marketing, Automation, Project Management, Problem-Solving, Salesforce, Emarsys.

Modality: Remote.

Challenge: The challenge was to integrate Salesforce and Emarsys in order to automate email sending flows in the Emarsys platform based on changes in the contact status in Salesforce. As the project lead, I worked with a team of developers responsible for the technical implementation while also collaborating with the client to design effective email flows based on their business needs.

Solution: To integrate Salesforce and Emarsys, the development team and I worked closely together to design a seamless and efficient workflow that would allow the two systems to communicate with each other. Meanwhile, I collaborated with the client to design email flows that would be triggered based on specific contact status changes in Salesforce.

Results: Thanks to our efforts, the integration was successful and the client was able to automate their email sending process with ease. They reported a significant increase in email open rates and click-through rates, resulting in a boost in overall email marketing performance. This project demonstrated my ability to lead a team and collaborate with both technical and non-technical stakeholders to achieve effective results. The skills demonstrated in this project include project management, collaboration, and problem-solving.

Pablo Vargas - Email Marketing Automation