Skills: Facebook Ads, Lead Magnet creation, Sales Funnel design, landing pages, strategy, copywriting.

Modality: Remote.

Challenge: The challenge was to create an effective Facebook Ads advertising strategy to promote a new service with a minimun budget. The goal was to generate high-quality leads from Facebook ads with a limited budget. Additionally, it was crucial to identify the most receptive and profitable audience segments.

Solution: To address this challenge, I developed a comprehensive advertising strategy that spanned from creating the lead magnet to managing the Facebook Ads campaigns. Multiple landing pages optimized for conversion were designed, and highly targeted ads were created. The strategy included rigorous testing of different audience segments and ongoing adjustments based on the results.

Results: The results were exceptional. Despite a minimal budget, I managed to obtain high-quality leads at an average cost per lead (CPL) of just $0.14. During the first 15 days of the campaign, I observed a steady increase in lead generation and a significant improvement in advertising investment efficiency. The attached images showcase the campaign and ad set-level results, demonstrating the success of the implemented strategy.

Facebook Ads - Pablo Vargas
Facebook Ads - Pablo Vargas