Skills: Facebook Ads, Video and Ad creation, Facebook Ads A/B Testing, Landing Page Optimization, Strategy, Copywriting.

Modality: Remote.

Challenge: The challenge was to craft and execute a robust Facebook Ads strategy for a skincare products company based in England. The goal was to enhance brand visibility, drive conversions, and achieve a positive return on ad spend (ROAS) within a two-month campaign duration.

Solution: I devised a comprehensive advertising strategy encompassing audience targeting, ad creatives, and landing page optimization. Leveraging tools like Descript and Canva, I created compelling video content and visually appealing ads. A meticulous A/B testing process was implemented to refine ad copies and creatives. The entire campaign was meticulously managed to ensure optimal performance.

Results: The results were highly satisfying. With a total budget of £5,377, the campaign achieved an impressive ROAS of 6, indicating a sixfold return on the investment. The strategic segmentation and A/B testing contributed to this success, allowing us to identify and capitalize on the most effective approaches. The campaign not only met but exceeded the client's expectations, demonstrating the effectiveness of the implemented Facebook Ads strategy. Below is a screenshot showcasing the outcomes of the campaigns.

Facebook Ads Campaign - Pablo Vargas