Skills: Facebook Ads, Lead Magnet creation, Sales Funnel design, landing pages, strategy, copywriting.

Modality: Remote.

Ad Budget: $5000 USD monthly.

Challenge: The challenge was to formulate and execute an effective Facebook Ads strategy to generate high-quality leads for an Australian business consultancy. The objective was to establish a streamlined process for lead acquisition while maintaining a cost-effective approach.

Solution: To address this challenge, I initiated the installation of the Facebook Pixel and configured lead events to ensure accurate tracking. Crafting a comprehensive advertising strategy, I developed three distinct lead magnets tailored to the target audience. Landing pages were created to maximize conversion rates. The entire Facebook Ads structure, including campaigns and ads, was meticulously designed to align with the lead generation goals. Customized audiences were leveraged for retargeting campaigns, optimizing the conversion path for leads that didn't initially convert.

Results: The results exceeded expectations. The campaign successfully acquired leads at a commendable cost per lead, achieving a figure of less than 20 AUD for the Australian market. The strategic combination of lead magnets, targeted landing pages, and retargeting campaigns contributed to the overall success, demonstrating the effectiveness of the implemented Facebook Ads strategy in generating quality leads for the business consultancy.

Facebook Ads Pablo Vargas