Skills: Strategy, sales funnel design, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing Automation, social media content strategy, copywriting, video scripting.

Modality: Remote.

Challenge: The challenge involved creating a comprehensive, innovative, and effective digital marketing strategy to convert donors, including individuals, sponsors, and companies, through online and automated methods. 

Solution: My goal was to leverage a funnel approach, incorporating advertising on Facebook and Instagram, organic social media posts, video-based landing pages, email marketing sequences, and online payment forms. The task required designing and implementing the entire strategy, including Facebook advertising strategy (including retargeting campaigns), content strategy for social media, script structure for landing page videos, copywriting for landing pages, email sequences, and Facebook Ads. I took the lead in crafting the entire digital marketing strategy from scratch. To ensure a robust approach, I meticulously designed the Facebook advertising strategy, considering specific retargeting campaigns to increase engagement and conversions. For social media, I developed a content strategy that aligned with the organization's mission and resonated with potential donors. To maximize the impact of landing pages, I carefully structured video scripts, utilizing compelling storytelling to drive emotional connections and conversions. Moreover, I crafted persuasive copy for the landing pages and email sequences, creating a consistent and compelling donor journey.

Results: Unfortunately, the project was not launched as I left the organization before doing so. As a result, there are no metrics for actual results. Nevertheless, the digital marketing strategy was highly appreciated for its well-designed and strategic approach, promising to yield favorable outcomes in donor acquisition. The comprehensive strategy laid a solid foundation for the organization to pursue successful fundraising initiatives in the future.