Skills: Strategy, project management, leadership, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, email marketing, copywriting, negotiation, communication

Modality: Hybrid (Remote and On-site)

Challenge: As a Regional Advisor for LATAM, I identified a pressing issue across the 18 countries I collaborated with: the struggle to find reliable digital marketing agencies that understood the organization's culture, communication style, and consistently delivered positive results over time.

Solution: To address this challenge, I devised a solution that involved creating an internal digital marketing agency called the 'Digital HUB.' This agency became an integral part of the organization, working closely with the countries in the region to cater to their digital campaign implementation needs, with a primary focus on advertising campaigns across platforms like Facebook, Google, and others. I took the lead in initiating and guiding the project from inception for nearly two years, leading a team of experts to design and execute customized strategies and campaigns for each country and providing guidance to achieve the established objectives.

Results: The results of the Digital HUB project were exceptional. The countries quickly recognized the value it brought to their digital marketing efforts. The project's client base expanded from three to nine countries within a year, highlighting its effectiveness and relevance. By developing an internal agency that aligned digital marketing strategies and implementations with each country's unique needs and culture, we overcame the challenges of relying on external agencies. Furthermore, the project's autonomy and self-sustaining model ensured its continued growth and success beyond my tenure with the organization. The Digital HUB became a pivotal component of the organization's marketing ecosystem, driving positive outcomes and fostering regional collaboration.