Skills: Email Marketing Automation (using Emarsys), donor retention, strategy, copywriting.

Modality: Remote.

Challenge: The challenge was to create an email automation strategy for an NGO's donor retention campaign. The main goal was to create a personalized approach that would show gratitude to donors and encourage them to continue donating month after month. The challenge also included creating a segmentation strategy that would allow the NGO to send different emails based on the donor's anniversary year.

Solution: To address the challenge, I created an automated email flow that would send a personalized message of congratulations and gratitude to the donor on their anniversary date every year, up to 8 years. The emails were customized based on the donor's anniversary year and segmented according to their giving history. I used advanced segmentation techniques to tailor the message to each donor and encourage them to continue their support.

Results: The donor retention campaign was a success, with an increase in the number of donors continuing their donations year after year. The personalized approach helped to build a stronger connection with the donors and create a sense of loyalty to the organization. The automated email flow was a time-saving solution for the NGO and helped to reduce the workload for the marketing and communications team while still achieving the desired results.

Pablo Vargas - Email Marketing Automation