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Welcome to my portfolio! Here, you'll find some of the projects that I've worked on in the past. I'm confident that you'll find examples of my work here that demonstrate my expertise and dedication to achieving results. So take a look around, and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to discuss a potential collaboration.

Automatized Donor Retention Email Strategy for Non-Profit Organization

Skills: Email Marketing Automation (using Emarsys), donor retention, strategy, copywriting.

Modality: Remote.

Challenge: The challenge was to create an email automation strategy for an NGO's donor retention campaign. The main goal was to create a personalized approach that would show gratitude to donors and encourage them to continue donating month after month. The challenge also included creating a segmentation strategy that would allow the NGO to send different emails based on the donor's anniversary year.

Solution: To address the challenge, I created an automated email flow that would send a personalized message of congratulations and gratitude to the donor on their anniversary date every year, up to 8 years. The emails were customized based on the donor's anniversary year and segmented according to their giving history. I used advanced segmentation techniques to tailor the message to each donor and encourage them to continue their support.

Results: The donor retention campaign was a success, with an increase in the number of donors continuing their donations year after year. The personalized approach helped to build a stronger connection with the donors and create a sense of loyalty to the organization. The automated email flow was a time-saving solution for the NGO and helped to reduce the workload for the marketing and communications team while still achieving the desired results.

Pablo Vargas - Email Marketing Automation
Pablo Vargas - Email Marketing

Lead Nurturing Strategy: Email, SMS and WhatsApp Automation for Appointment Generation

Skills: Email Marketing Automation (using HighLevel), Lead Nurturing, strategy, copywriting.

Modality: Remote.

Challenge: The challenge was to design and implement an effective lead nurturing strategy that could generate appointments with potential clients in two different scenarios: leads captured through Facebook ads and leads captured through forms on the website or social media. The goal was to ensure that the leads were engaged and moved through the funnel to a point where they were ready to schedule an appointment.

Solution: To address this challenge, I developed a comprehensive lead nurturing strategy that leveraged email, SMS, and WhatsApp automation. The strategy was designed to provide valuable and relevant content to the leads at every stage of their journey, with the ultimate goal of building trust and establishing a relationship with the brand. I used advanced segmentation techniques to ensure that each lead received personalized content based on their pipeline stage.

Results: The lead nurturing strategy was a great success, generating a significant increase in appointment bookings for both scenarios. The email open rates and click-through rates were above industry averages, indicating that the content we provided was both relevant and engaging. The use of SMS and WhatsApp messages also proved to be highly effective, with many leads responding positively to these channels. Overall, the lead nurturing strategy helped to build a strong relationship between the leads and the brand, resulting in a significant increase in conversion rates.

Pablo Vargas - Google Tag Manager

Email Marketing Automation, Sales Pages, and Videos: Creating Goodwill and Boosting Sales (A.K.A. The Goodwill Sequence)

Skills: Email Marketing & Automation (using Brevo formerly Sendinblue), Lead Nurturing, Sales Page Design and Creation (using WordPress), Copywriting (Emails, Sales Pages, Videos), CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), Video Editing (using Camtasia), strategy.

Modality: Remote.

Challenge: As part of the client's lead conversion strategy, the challenge was to create an email marketing automation that could generate a massive goodwill among the target audience. The ultimate goal was to pre-sell the client's service, so that when potential customers reached the sales landing page, they were already inclined to make a purchase. This required a deep understanding of the target audience's pain points and interests, as well as a strategic approach to crafting emails that would resonate with them and encourage them to take action.

Solution: To address the challenge, I developed a highly targeted email marketing strategy and automation that was designed to build a strong connection between the client's brand and their target audience. This involved conducting in-depth research into the target audience's pain points and interests, which enabled me to craft persuasive emails, landing pages and videos that spoke directly to their needs.

One of the key features of this strategy was the integration of different elements to create a complete sales funnel. I created three landing pages (video-sales pages), each featuring a video that provided valuable content that complemented the email content, and served to further build goodwill with the audience. The email sequence was optimized based on the recipient's behavior, so that if they watched video #1, they would receive an email with the link to video #2. If they watched video #2, they would receive an email sequence encouraging them to watch video #3. If, however, the recipient did not watch video #1, a different sequence of emails was sent with reminders to watch the video before moving on to the next stage. In this way, the email automation had different branches depending on the behavior of each individual recipient.

Results: The end result was an email automation that was highly effective at generating goodwill and pre-selling the client's service. The combination of personalized content, targeted landing pages, and an optimized email sequence led to a 50% increase in open rates and a 30% increase in click-through rates compared to previous email campaigns. Moreover, the conversion funnel and video content helped to increase engagement and build trust with the target audience, leading to a 25% increase in leads and a 15% increase in sales. Overall, this funnel was a powerful tool that helped to generate significant results for the client's business.

Pablo Vargas - Email Marketing - Goodwill Secuence

Integration of Salesforce and Emarsys for Automated Email Workflows

Skills: Email Marketing, Automation, Project Management, Problem-Solving, Salesforce, Emarsys.

Modality: Remote.

Challenge: The challenge was to integrate Salesforce and Emarsys in order to automate email sending flows in the Emarsys platform based on changes in the contact status in Salesforce. As the project lead, I worked with a team of developers responsible for the technical implementation while also collaborating with the client to design effective email flows based on their business needs.

Solution: To integrate Salesforce and Emarsys, the development team and I worked closely together to design a seamless and efficient workflow that would allow the two systems to communicate with each other. Meanwhile, I collaborated with the client to design email flows that would be triggered based on specific contact status changes in Salesforce.

Results: Thanks to our efforts, the integration was successful and the client was able to automate their email sending process with ease. They reported a significant increase in email open rates and click-through rates, resulting in a boost in overall email marketing performance. This project demonstrated my ability to lead a team and collaborate with both technical and non-technical stakeholders to achieve effective results. The skills demonstrated in this project include project management, collaboration, and problem-solving.

Pablo Vargas - Email Marketing Automation

Google Tag Manager: Empowering Clients through Training and Implementation

Skills: Google Tag Manager, Training.

Modality: Remote.

Challenge: Tracking website and digital campaign activity is critical for businesses to measure performance and understand user behavior. However, it can be complex to implement and maintain tags, pixels, and scripts across multiple platforms and pages. Additionally, businesses often lack the expertise to interpret the data and turn it into actionable insights. This is where Google Tag Manager (GTM) comes in: it simplifies the process of tag management and enables more advanced tracking and analytics capabilities. The challenge in this case was twofold. On one hand, I needed to provide training to clients who wanted to take control of their Google Tag Manager and make the configurations themselves. On the other hand, for other clients, I needed to perform basic configurations to measure different actions on their website and digital marketing campaigns.

Solution: To meet the challenge of providing GTM training and configuration services for clients, I developed a customized approach that varied depending on each client's needs. For clients who wanted to take control of their GTM, I provided comprehensive training sessions that covered everything from the basics to more advanced features. I also created step-by-step guides and provided ongoing support to ensure that they felt confident using GTM on their own.

For clients who wanted me to perform the configurations, I first conducted a thorough analysis of their website and digital marketing campaigns to identify the specific actions that needed to be tracked. I then implemented the necessary tags, triggers, and variables in GTM to accurately track these actions. I also provided customized reports to each client to help them understand the data collected and make informed decisions for their business.

Overall, my approach to GTM training and configuration was designed to be flexible and tailored to each client's unique needs, ensuring that they received the exact level of support required to achieve their goals.

Results: Those who received training on GTM were able to take control of their own tag management and make the necessary configurations without requiring further assistance. For those who needed basic configurations, I was able to set up GTM to track their website and digital marketing campaigns accurately. This resulted in improved data accuracy and insights, enabling my clients to make informed decisions and optimize their digital marketing strategies for better performance. Overall, my clients were satisfied with the results and felt more confident in their ability to use GTM to drive their business forward.

Pablo Vargas - Google Tag Manager
Pablo Vargas - Google Tag Manager